Nashville, TN

The Mojotone Tube Amp Build Workshop is an engaging and informative two-day, full immersion experience where you will build your very own, hand-wired 5E3 Tweed Style Deluxe.


Hosted at the Nashville Campus of the MI Guitar Craft Academy and lead by Mojotone’s Production and Tech Manager Andy Johnson, this two-day program will take you through a classic “Tweed Style” amp build where you will learn soldering techniques, general amp circuit theory and an overview of what makes the “5E3” circuit a ubiquitous blueprint for countless amplifiers.

You will be guided through the build process, learn to read a wiring diagram and be shown how to use a schematic. Instructors are on hand to quickly address any questions and to help troubleshoot issues if you run into a problem.

By the end of the two-day workshop, you will have hand wired your very own tube amp to enjoy for years to come and have a better understanding of what makes a tube amp so special.



Fee: $995, includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit and two-day Amp Build Workshop.

Materials & Supplies: All tools and shop supplies will be provided for your use during the class.

What to Bring: An open mind ready for learning, a bag lunch and and yourself.

Date: TBD

Location:  Musicians Institute

                    Guitar Craft Academy Nashville

                    5000 Harding Place

                    Nashville, TN 37211

What to Expect:

You will spend two days with our instructors who will guide you through the build, explain amp circuit concepts, and basic electronics. You will be soldering, assembling and genuinely getting your hands inside an amplifier.

Nearby Accommodations: 

If you are traveling to Nashville, the MI Guitar Craft Academy is just minutes away from the Nashville International Airport (BNA). You can find a list of nearby hotels here.

About the Mojotone 5E3 Tweed Style Deluxe Kit:

Mojotone’s Tweed Deluxe Style Amp is based on the popular 5E3 circuit from the 1950s and is by far our most popular amplifier.  These amps were originally designed as medium power amps that would allow a musician to plug in more than one amplified instrument at a time.  At higher volumes, this amp produces saturated tones that were adopted as signature tones for the likes of Billy Gibbons, Neil Young, Don Felder, and Larry Carlton. 

Utilizing two 6V6 power tubes, one 12AY7 preamp tube, and one 12AX7 preamp tube, the circuit is simple enough to maintain a rich harmonic composition but powerful enough for guitarists to use in recording studios, rehearsals and smaller venues — and the amp is just a microphone away from being ready for bigger stages.  We chose a Jensen C12Q 35 Watt speaker to complement the 5E3 style circuit, as it enhances the sound of the amp without compromising its historic tonal accuracy.

Our Tweed Deluxe style amp has two normal channel inputs and two bright channel inputs.  The normal and bright channels each have their own volume control, and the two channels can even be ‘jumpered’ together and blended for a new range of tonal options.  The global tone control also helps shape the overall timbre of the amp, giving the player total control over their sound without having to spend hours dialing in EQs. 



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