MI offers many different types of scholarships that can help students with the costs of enrollment. Education dollars are available on a regular basis for a wide variety of MI scholarship categories.


Seymour Duncan Guitar Craft Scholarship

The Seymour Duncan Guitar Craft Scholarship was created to honor innovative music legend Seymour Duncan and will be awarded in Fall 2018 to a student (U.S. or non-U.S. citizens) newly enrolling in the Guitar Craft Academy (GCA) program who clearly articulates their career goals within the music products industry and demonstrates verifiable financial need. The scholarship is applicable for students enrolled in the GCA program only, and may not be transferred to other programs.

Development Scholarship

Development Scholarships are provided to encourage the educational growth of new students enrolled in a degree or certificate program. A minimum of twenty Development Scholarships are awarded each year.

Hardship Scholarship

The MI Hardship Scholarship is awarded to qualified applicants who are currently enrolled in MI Certificate, AA Degree, or BM Degree programs and is based on verifiable financial need, current academic standing, and essay submission.

MI Alumni Scholarship

MI Alumni Scholarships are available to all students who have previously attended MI, have graduated or completed their course of study, and are enrolling in another program.


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