Student Support Center (SSC) helps students maximize the benefits of their educational and social experience at Musicians Institute, while providing the professional development strategies needed to pursue careers in the music and entertainment industry.

By creating a supportive environment to facilitate the goals of each student, the SSC is dedicated to ensuring the best opportunities for success in the real world upon graduation and beyond.


Through one-on-one appointments, group workshops, tutoring sessions and a variety of additional resources, SSC counselors can provide assistance to current students and alumni in the following areas:


The Student Affairs office offers a multitude of services and strategies to help students overcome any challenges they may face during their time at MI. These services and strategies include:

  • Personal Counseling – Assistance is available in resolving personal difficulties or adjusting to campus life. Students can meet one-on-one with a counselor, and all conversations are confidential. Our staff counselor is available weekly, free of charge, for half-hour and hour-long sessions.
  • Tutor Scheduling – Students who would like additional academic assistance may submit a tutor request form to the Student Affairs Office. Tutor sessions are provided free of charge, and tutors will be assigned based on their availability, and the sessions are arranged around the tutor and student’s schedules. Tutors and students will meet for a one-hour session, once a week, for two weeks. Additional sessions may be requested after completing the second session. After the student confirms the tutor session, attendance is mandatory unless the student notifies the tutor coordinator in advance. Students who miss a tutor session without giving prior notification will be temporarily prohibited from requesting tutor sessions.
  • Academic Appeals & Changes – Assistance is provided with certain academic-related processes like final grade appeals, incompletes, course load adjustments, formal complaints, or changes of enrollment status, such as a withdrawal or leave of absence.

Assistance is via appointment only. Click to schedule.


SSC staff provides information, resources and networking opportunities to help students create and meet personal career goals. Counselors provide individual, one-on-one attention or group sessions during scheduled appointments.

  • Professional Development – A variety of services are offered to help implement job search strategies, get industry exposure and develop promotional materials.
  • Career Mentors – Students can meet with industry experts on specific topics. These mentors guide them through the challenges of meeting their own unique career goals. Bookings are done through the booking portal at

Other Career Development Offerings

Résumé, Cover Letter, Personal Webpage and EPK Services – SSC staff is available to help students and alumni develop and polish their résumés, EPKs, interview skills, cover letters and promotional material.

Assistance is available via appointment only. Click HERE to schedule.


As an international student at Musicians Institute, you will not only receive an excellent education in contemporary music, but you will also enjoy the opportunity to build professional and personal relationships that last a lifetime. International students make up nearly one-fourth of MI’s total student population, representing more than 50 countries throughout the world while creating a unique and diverse learning environment. The International Student Office is dedicated to making the transition from each student’s home country to MI’s Hollywood campus as smooth and easy as possible. We offer a wide range of services for international students, including:

  • Housing & Roommate Assistance
  • An ESL Program for language skills
  • Assistance with obtaining visas & work permits
  • Academic advising
  • Personal counseling & tutoring
  • Career counseling

Health Insurance Requirement: Effective for the Winter 2015 quarter, Musicians Institute will require all new and continuing International Students to have a minimum standard of health insurance coverage. Refer to the Health Insurance Requirements tab for more information.

Musicians Institute is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant foreign national students and MI follows a policy of equal opportunity in all of its educational activities.

International Application Process

If you’re ready to start the application process, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the MI Application form here.
  2. Download the International Student Information Packet here.
  3. Contact the MI Admissions Department with a request for information by email, telephone, standard mail, or fax (see details below).

Mailing Address:
Office of Admissions
Musicians Institute
6752 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Telephone: 323-462-1384
Fax: 323-462-1575

Musicians Institute also offers a variety of other services to help international students attend the college and make the transition to life in the U.S. Admissions Advisors can assist with everything from academic requirements and immigration-related paperwork, to securing resources for each student’s medical, financial, social and personal needs.

International Student Services

  • I-20 issuance and SEVIS registration
  • School transfers
  • Changes of status
  • Extensions of stay
  • Reinstatements
  • Practical training work permit (OPT) applications
  • Assistance with obtaining health insurance*
  • Help on obtaining driver’s license, and automobile registration
  • Getting a Social Security card
  • Filling out non-US financial aid forms and letters
  • Personal counseling to adjust to a new culture and language
  • Immigration Process
  • Financial counseling and budgeting

*MI can arrange a mental health appointment for personal issues at no cost to students

Musicians Institute encourages all new and continuing International Students to have a minimum standard of health insurance coverage. This is due to recent health care reform measures; the high cost of medical care in the United States; and the desire of our school to provide options that ensure the continued health and safety of our students.

Musicians Institute has a strong commitment towards student growth and the development of individual responsibility. To further this goal, MI recognizes that catastrophic injuries or illnesses while attending our school would be financially devastating, and therefore should be minimized or eliminated altogether. This can be accomplished by ensuring that each student is offered affordable and appropriate medical coverage. Musicians Institute endorses a policy of health insurance, and encourages all students on MI’s campus who do not currently have appropriate coverage to enroll in our comprehensive health insurance plan, which is underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross of California. You may, however, provide your own comparable coverage.

Musicians Institute’s health insurance plan is designed to protect students from incurring medical costs, should anything happen during your time at school.

The current policy rate is $105 per month.

Underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross

Outline of Plan and Benefits:

  • Medical coverage up to $250,000 per accident or sickness
  • Only $25 co-payment for outpatient visits (no deductible)
  • Pays 100% after $50 co-insurance payment for hospitalization
  • Emotional and mental disorder coverage
  • Repatriation and medical evacuation coverage
  • Toll-free number available for students to use regarding claims
  • Women’s health care
  • Pre-existing Conditions

Online enrollment & details regarding student Health Insurance can be found at

If you have any questions or need further information, please call Ascension at 1-800-537-1777

F-1 Visa:

An F-1 student visa is available for non-immigrant students who wish to enter the United States for the purpose of engaging in full-time study.  Musicians Institute is approved by the United States Government to issue Certificates of Eligibility.


The spouse and unmarried minor children of a student may accompany the student to the United States or follow to join the student at a later date. The dependent family members will be admitted with F-2 status.

MI Japan:
MI Japan is the official Japanese partner of MI Hollywood.If you are a Japanese citizen applying to MI Hollywood, please click on the link above to learn how MI Japan can help you with musical preparation, completing your application, and making your move to Los Angeles as smooth as possible.

How to Obtain a Visa:

  1. Apply and be accepted by Musicians Institute (see form here)
  2. Submit a completed Statement of Finances form (see form here)
  3. Provide an official account balance statement from a certified banking institution*
  4. Provide a copy of your passport (and passports of your dependents)
  5. Submit a partial tuition payment (see form here)
  6. Upon receipt of the above documents, an I-20 form will be issued by the International Student Office for the appropriate visa type and study period.

After You receive an I-20 Form:

  1. Go to this website and fill out the I-901 form, make a SEVIS fee payment by credit card and print out the receipt to take to the visa interview.
  2. Apply for a student visa & schedule interview (see instructions here)

International Transfer Students

If you are transferring to MI from another school, you must submit a “Notice of Intent to Transfer” form along with the above mentioned documents (see form here).

How do I apply to MI as an International Student?

The first step is to complete an Application for Admission.

Once I am accepted, what do I need to do to be able to enter the US and attend MI?

You must submit all documents required by the school for admission, obtain an I-20 for your program of study, apply for and receive your visa from the US Embassy in your country and be present on your date of registration.

What is an I-20?

An I-20 is a U.S. Government document that you need to apply for a student visa at the U.S. Consulate in your home country.

How do I get my I-20?

After you apply and are accepted by Musicians Institute, you must submit the following forms to the MI International Student Office to obtain your I-20:

  • Provide an official Bank Balance Statement confirming the funds shown on the Statement of Finances*
  • Provide the partial tuition payment for your program located in the chart on the Statement of Finances**
  • Provide a clear copy of your passport
    • *Must be accompanied by a Certified English Translation and converted to United States Dollars.
    • **Swedish students receiving Financial Aid from CSN must submit the CSN final approval letter.

Can my spouse and or child come to the U.S. with me?

Yes. You must provide a copy of your marriage certificate, a copy of your spouse and or child’s passport and proof of additional living expenses for your spouse and or child. Dependents will receive an F-2 visa.

Is TOEFL score required to attend MI?

A TOEFL score is only required for the Bachelor Degree program. The minimum score for acceptance is 500 (Standard), 173 (Computerized), or 61(Internet-Based Test/IBT).

How long will my I-20 be valid?

The I-20 is valid for the length of the program. These dates can be found under section #5 of the I-20 form.

Is an I-20 a visa?

No. The I-20 is the document produced by the school that tells the U.S. Embassy that you are approved to study in the United States. It also tells the Embassy how long you will be studying so that they can create the visa length to match the I-20. In many cases, the visa will be issued for much longer than the I-20.

When can I get my visa?

You may apply for a visa no earlier than 120 days before the program start date on your I-20. In addition, you may enter the United States no earlier than 30 days before the program start date on your I-20. This date can be found under section #5 of the I-20 form.

How do I get my visa?

Once you have received your I-20 you will be required to pay the $200 SEVIS I-901 fee online. After making the payment online, print the receipt and take it along with your I-20 and passport to your meeting with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Follow the instructions given by the Embassy or Consulate to obtain your visa. Be prepared to pay additional visa application fees (please check with your local U.S. Consulate for amounts as they vary depending on the country).

How long does it take to get my visa?

The time it takes for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to create your visa will vary depending on the country and on how busy they are at the time. We suggest calling the Embassy or Consulate in your country to see how long it will take to process your visa.

Can I study at MI on a B-1/B-2 tourist visa?

No. United States immigration regulations state that B1/B-2 visa holders may not study at all.
IMPORTANT! – be sure that your visa type matches your I-20 type. If they do not match, contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to fix the problem. A visa that does not match your I-20 could limit or prevent your options for future study.

Am I allowed to study part time?

No. All international students must maintain full-time status. Only if you are in your last session and need just a few credits to graduate will you be allowed to enroll less than full-time. There are a few exceptions, such as a medical reasons or language problems, but check with your International Student Advisor for details. All requests for part-time study must be approved by the Registrar’s Office and the International Student Office.

Can I travel during the school breaks?

Yes. If you plan to travel outside the United States, please come to the International Student Office and we will check your I-20 form and passport before you leave to be sure that there will be no problems when you re-enter the U.S.

Can I work while I’m in school?

Students with F-1 visas are allowed to work on campus on a part-time basis. M-1 students are not allowed to work at all. International students are not allowed to work off-campus without a work permit.

My visa has expired but my I-20 is still valid. What do I do?

If your I-20 is valid and your visa expires you are legally allowed to continue your studies in the United States until the official end date of your I-20, BUT you should not leave the country. If you need to leave the U.S. you will have to return to the Embassy or Consulate in your country to renew your Visa to be able to re-enter and continue your studies.

Can I apply for an Optional Practical Training (OPT) Work Permit?

OPT is available for F-1 students who are enrolled in either an Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree program. To be eligible for OPT, you must successfully complete and graduate from the degree program in which you are enrolled and must attend the last academic year (nine months/three quarters) continuously. If you are interested in applying for OPT, please go to the International Student Office at the beginning of your final quarter at MI and for assistance with the process. For more information about employment, go to the “Visas” page.

The holder of an M-1 visa is allowed to apply for an OPT work permit after the completion of one academic year of study. After completion, full-time OPT for the M-1 is issued for a maximum of three months.


Program requirements, course information, and GCA details.


Admissions department is ready to answer any questions!


The first step is to complete an Application for Admission.

Musicians Institute Guitar Craft Academy Nashville is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

This authorization must be renewed each year and is based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of education, ethical business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility.