Highlights from Gibson CEO J.C. Curleigh’s

Highlights from Gibson CEO J.C. Curleigh’s J.C. Curleigh, President and CEO of Gibson Guitar A few weeks ago, J.C. Curleigh, president and CEO of Gibson Guitar, stopped by the school to speak to our students about the company's momentum and how the next generation of...

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Graduate Profile: Dave Sabella

Graduate Profile: Dave Sabella Meet one of our recent graduates, Dave Sabella, who now runs his own growing boutique guitar company, Jane Fox Guitars. Here's more about him and his time at our school. Contact Musicians Institute Guitar Craft Academy...

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Guitar Facts: Fender Telecaster (Video)

Guitar Facts: Fender Telecaster (Video) Introduced as the Broadcaster in 1950, the Telecaster got a new name the following year after a trademark dispute with Gretsch, a competing manufacturer. The Telecaster’s name was inspired by America’s hottest new...

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