We love gear. Every player has their favorite guitars, amps and pedals to help them chase the specific sound they’re after. We caught up with some of our Guitar Craft Academy Nashville faculty members to find out what gear has been recently impressing them:

Marty Lanham

The Maton AP5 Pro acoustic pickup is used by numerous high-profile guitarists, including Eric Johnson and Tommy Emmanuel.
Guitar Craft Academy Nashville instructor Marty Lanham recommends the Maton AP5 Pro acoustic pickup, used by numerous high-profile guitarists, including Eric Johnson and Tommy Emmanuel.

I like the Maton AP5 acoustic pickup. I saw Tommy Emmanuel use one at the Ryman Auditorium and it was fantastic. He uses his acoustic guitar as a percussion instrument but also gets all the dynamics of an acoustic.

Dave Johnson

A few years ago, my buddy Jesse Rhew started a crowdfunding campaign for a new guitar pedal that he was going to start making. Being a bit of a pedal junkie, I decided to go in on it, only knowing that it would be some sort of chorus pedal. About a month later, I get a box in the mail with a really cool graphic on the front and possibly one of the best chorus pedals I have ever heard inside. It immediately went on the pedal board and has possibly not been turned off ever since! His company is called Rude Tech and this prototype chorus pedal has since become his flagship model. I actually own a Roland Jazz Chorus amp and this pedal is so close that you really can’t tell the difference. It even has a momentary foot switch that maxes out the speed and rate, so it has that added bonus. What an incredible pedal by a local Nashville-based builder!

Craig Standridge

The Keeley compressor pedal adds smoothness to a guitarist's playing.
Guitar Craft Academy Nashville instructor Craig Standridge recommends the Keeley compressor pedal for adding smoothness to his playing.

One piece of gear I recommend for guitar players is a good quality compressor. I have a Keeley compressor pedal, which levels out the attack and smooths out what I play. It’s a relatively inexpensive addition that typically adds value for about $100-$150.

Brian Nutter

As far as creating sound, there are two different paths, the digital realm and the old analog realm. I’m a stickler for having an old Marshall, an old Fender and an old Vox, if I do sessions, which I still do. With those three amplifiers, you can make any noise. I always tell people to educate themselves on why something became its thing. Learn how it works and where it fits into the sonic realm. Then you can look at boutique things and say “This follows the Marshall path, or the Fender path or the Vox path.” Figure out why they do what they do and go from there.

Tyler Slawson

The Helix is Line 6's flagship floorboard multi-effects system.
Guitar Craft Academy Nashville instructor Tyler Slawson uses the Line 6 Helix, the company’s flagship floorboard multi-effects system.

The Line 6 Helix. Perfect tool for any situation. I use it for practice, home studio, acoustic gigs, electric gigs! So many possibilities and inspiring tones to be created with this gear.