Dave Sabella comes to Guitar Craft Academy with an entire career already under his belt. After working in the advertising industry his entire professional life, he’s branching out into a new career as a luthier.

Even as he’s still learning the basics of guitar construction, Dave already has plans for the company he wants to build — Jane Fox Guitars LLC, named after his 8-year-old granddaughter.

His niche will be high-end guitars targeted at children, women and musicians with smaller bodies. “I want to get up every morning and go into my workshop and build guitars and sell them,” he says. “This is an opportunity to do what I love to do.”

Dave grew up listening to KISS — he saw them in 1978, when he was 13 — and at one point had a dream of moving to L.A. to “live on a dirt floor and form Guns N’ Roses.” He instead went to college and started a family, and “it’s been weekend-warrior stuff since.”

As a retiree, Dave says he doesn’t need to make his guitar business profitable right away. But that doesn’t stop him from approaching his business plans with the mind of an experienced marketer.

“It’s tough because I think about who I’m going to sell to, which guitar makers I’m going to steal business from,” he laughs.

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