Nicholas Worch

After picking up the drums at age 9, Nicholas Worch quickly realized that drum kits aren’t the most portable instruments. Yet, when he switched to guitar a few years later, his drum style became an influence on his chugging, beat-driven guitar playing, which owes a debt to Judas Priest and Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones.

Nicholas came to GCA with some previous woodworking experience helping his grandfather – a carpenter and butcher – repair and build furniture and decks.

He’s also a former electrician, and said he has enjoyed learning about the electronics that go into instruments.

“It’s fascinating to see how much electronics are going to play a part in guitar building in the future,” he said. “There will always be a market for the ‘traditional’ guitar, but now there’s also a growing market for technology like active pickups and things like that.”

Nicholas’ electric project guitar is based on Stephen Carpenter’s STEF-T7B signature model, which has a Telecaster-style body and baritone-style setup that’s perfect for drop-tuning. He plans to continue at GCA’s acoustic program, and has dreams of eventually setting up his own shop in North Carolina and crafting custom guitars.